Cesaria Evora - Let the Barefoot Diva take you dancing

Intoxicating, compelling and consuming... the poly-rhythm of this song, sung by the smooth and sure voice of the Barefoot Diva, Cesaria Evora, is on repeat in my house.  I just know that I'm gonna wake up singing this song in the middle of the night... which is just fine with me. 

Its no wonder I love Afro-Cuban Jazz as much as I do.  As the daughter of a Jazz guy and a Ladino scholar this music was made to move my soul... and does it ever.  I'm intoxicated with every aspect of this and pretty much every song that has ever warbled into the smokey air of a Cuban Social Club.  

And since its so hotttt outside, we may as well take an adventure to Cuba..... So lemme put some flowers in my hair while you get on your white suit and grab a few cigars.  Let's Dance.

Love always,

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