First Aid Kit - Stay Gold (For you Sarah :) )

The sisters Forst Aid Kit


This dreamy, thoughtful and soulful song goes out to my grrrrrl Sarah.

Sarah is getting married on Sunday (yay!).  Today, as we were flitting about, taking care of important pre-wedding responsibilities this song by First Aid Kit came on.  Though we were engrossed in deep convo (as one does right before ones wedding), we both stopped... and sighed... collectively swooning from this song.  It really hit the spot.

As we parted ways, I made sure to cue it up again and pump up the volume - to fill my head with these beautiful harmonies and thoughtful words.  And then I heard it - through the heartbeat of this song - I heard its very appropriate message.

We're on our way through rugged land
Top of that mountain we wanted to stand
With hearts of gold

The rugged terrain of wedding planning is almost behind you my lovely! With each day the top of the mountain, your beautiful wedding and subsequent well earned beautiful marriage, is coming into clearer view.  And though we all know that no relationship is perfect, with the golden hearts that you and your beau have... you're gonna build a beautiful, harmonious and thoughtful family.  Just like this swooney song.

I love you!


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