A Nice Welcome Home by Radical Face

Cute and soulful - Radical face is deep and sometimes dark but.... Never too serious

Cute and soulful - Radical face is deep and sometimes dark but.... Never too serious

I'm sure you've realized the trend too... Indie Rock/ Singer songwriters are obsessed with the concept of "Home".  If you haven't noticed... You will now.  It's a thing. 

Sometimes lyrics imply actually returning home, sometimes it's making a person into your home... Other times it's building a new home.  The constant being : the feeling that being "home"  brings, good, bad or ugly.

So, it seemed appropriate to focus on one of these songs today because my family and I returned late last night from a walkabout in a state we refer to as Penssyl- tucky (Pennsylvania).  We visited Hersheypark, went on a tour of the Pennsylvania Dutch farmlands on horseback and ended the tour with a quick stop at the beach to visit my 'rents.   

Obvioulsy, I found time to blog thanks to my nifty IPhone and it's squarespace app (thanks squarespace!).  I wasn't sure how being away from home was gonna effect my writing (we writers are weird superstitious creatures of habit).   It seems tho, that my version of home is actually, my music.  Ear buds in, tunes on (and loud) and I'm right where I need to be : home and safe.

So... Here is today's offering:

 Welcome Home by, Radical Face. The 2nd track on their album entitled Ghost.  Released in 2007, Ghost was Radical Face's first official offering to the Indie Rock world (Lead singer/ song writer Ben Cooper had previously recorded an album in 2003 under the pseudonym The Junkyard Chandalier...)

Man, did they do it right.

Since  Radical Face is one of my bucket list bands, I'm gonna share here a live version of this song (London) and also their studio track cuz... They are both just so good.

Happy Listening! 

Love from Home, 

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Live Swoon


Studio Swoon

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