Ugly Purple Sweater - DC USA - A teeny morsel of street cred

That's right, I said it, street cred.  I know, I know... according to the treatise of street cred entitled, Whatever, yeah - I guess, all cred will disappear as soon as any direct attention is drawn to said cred. by it's rightful owner.  Deeming them an, overly eager fan girl (or boy respectively) which does have its own charm but, street cred. it is not.

So, why did I relinquish my street cred. immediately - in the title of this post?  Well, mostly because I don't actually care (elevating my status, I win!).  Also because, I think its amazing that I stumbled upon this song by accident (as per usual) and it happens to be that the bassist of Ugly Purple Sweater is non other than Rishi Chakrabarti!  I know right?!  Oh, wait, this still means nothing to you... Rishi was the lead guitarist of my band, Owen Brown (of short lived minutia fame), from my college days. Wow, you're impressed (see above regarding how much I care ;) ).  

Happily, I really love this song and all of its swirly vocals, shimmery guitar and shaky egg rhythm. 

Check it check it out: